The Theatre Factory Society

The Theatre Factory Society (TTF) is a non-profit founded in February 2013, by French Theatre passionates and Singaporean artists. Together, we offer multi-cultural performances with the willingness to connect local and international audiences to the Singapore stage community. 

TTF was born out of French Stage Pte Ltd. From 2011 to 2013, the former French Stage crew produced and promoted 5 french-language theatre plays and a bilingual production. In 2013, our dream to create multicultural theatre became a reality with the launch of The Theatre Factory. TTF expresses our drive to promote the performing arts in all forms, through stage performances and workshops offered in French and English. We provide professional tools for all to benefit. From amateurs to professional comedians, regardless of nationalities, all can share a common passion for theatre and take the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of French arts and literature.

Interestingly in 2014, our new concept of “dinner shows” became very popular. A new way for everyone in Singapore to enjoy a performance in a casual context: come to dine, enjoy the show in a comfy environment with great food, smiles, laughs and applauses all around. 

A year later, the “dinner shows” stage floor opened to first-timers. A step further in our commitment to make arts easily accessible to all. And for our audiences, a new way to enjoy a positive experience with performing artists and great talents to be. 

Sophie Bendel – Founder

Supervising, putting pen to paper, coordinating, and directing actors, sets, costumes, lights, sound and production were some of the many challenges that came with the creation of The Theatre Factory. An incredible adventure made up of unique encounters, but most of all the shared joy of coming together on stage to make audiences dream.

Theatre is a collective adventure that cannot be accomplished without skill and discipline, nor without the madness of a passionate team of enthusiastic and committed actors working together to put on a show on stage.

It was after staging 22 productions from 2012 to 2016, that I confidently handed this fabulous project over, so that the shows may go on, to the delight of an ever-so supportive audience.


Emilie Borrel – President

Expatriation led Emilie to cross over from high-tech product marketing to the stage world.

In 2005 in Beijing, she created the first amateur group which she produced, directed and trained in their very popular female version of “The Dinner Game”. Then in 2007, she joined the multi-cultural BJAW as a facilitator and pursued her acting, directing and coaching work with actors who had to perform every three months.

In Singapore, after having killed a German tourist with a durian as the lead in the short movie “Scot Free”, she met the French Stage team, performed in “Cyrano de Bergerac”, “Seduction”, “les femmes savantes” and directed “Venise under the snow (french cast), “Les liaisons dangereuses”, “un air de famille”.

A freelance marketing and communication professional, it’s all her experience and efficiency that she puts in the The Theatre Factory’s productions today.


Laetitia Cappoen – Director

Actress, director, producer, spectator, Laetitia loves theater from every angles.

She has a diploma from the Neighborhood Playhouse (N-Y), the Cours Florent (Paris), and “The actor’s school” (London). She uses these different type of acting first as an actress in Paris, then as a producer and director in her own Theater company. She has then developed projects in Paris, Shanghai and Singapore.

From working 15 years on live performances, she has learned about team effort, respect and managing team through communication, all skills that are essential for a successful shows.  She loves crazy challenges, like one of her last project with a team of 99 actresses from all over the world on stage performing in French, Chinese and English, or launching A French Theater Festival in Shanghai: nothing is impossible!

Since she moved to Singapore 2 years ago, she started teaching Theater at the French International school and directed “L’atelier” in November 2017 and “Un temps de chien” in December 2018 for The Theater Factory.

Mathilde Bagein – Director

Obsessed by the question “what is the essence of theatre?”, Mathilde Bagein obtained a degree in Scenic Arts from the Université d’Artois, in 2012.

Not fully satisfied with the answers she found in books, Mathilde joined the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Lille and was selected for the three-year curriculum of Professionalisation in Acting. As part of her training, she specialized in clowning, mask (neutral, larvar and commedia) and improvisation.

Enriched by these learnings, she started to perform with different companies in Europe. She also attended international workshops and the intensive training of Suzuki and Viewpoints training by SITI Company in Paris. In order to fulfil her research on the origins of theatre and to experience to possibility of international creations , she joined the Intercultural Theatre Institute of Singapore in 2015. 

Today she shares her creativity with The Theatre Factory either as an actress “Du vent dans les branches”, “Un temps de chien” or as a director “Art”, “Cuisine et Dépendances”. 


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